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30 Day Carnivore Challenge Registration

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Your Strict Carnivore Success Starts Now.

Staying carnivore can be a challenge. Family, work, socialising and temptation make it hard to stick to meat, salt and water.

You know the benefits of a carnivore diet - fat loss, mental health, muscle gain, gut health, clear skin and more.

What if there was a way to guarantee you'll stay carnivore and achieve all these benefits?

The 30 Day Carnivore Challenge is a proven system combining a supportive environment with expert advice.

By joining our 30 Day Carnivore Challenge you will:

  • Unlock razor sharp mental clarity eliminating brain fog.
  • Find the time and energy to focus on your project, be it business, career, physical exploits or time with your family.
  • Lose fat, it's common to achieve a 5% drop in your body fat % in 30 days.
  • Build muscle, losing fat while gaining muscle is said to be impossible. With the Carnivore Diet it's common to experience this phenomenon.
  • Improve your gut health totally banishing bloating, IBS and giving your body the freedom to function at it's best.
  • Maximise your testosterone giving you a sense of confidence you've never felt before.
  • And of course, you will experience a sense of achievement and satisfaction after committing to and overcoming the 30 Day Carnivore Challenge.

Here's what you get:

  • Join The Weekly Live Q & A Session With Anthony Chaffee MD and Simon Lewis

You'll get to ask Anthony your carnivore questions and he'll personally help you.

This means you get personal support, don't have to go trawling through the internet for answers and can avoid the many pitfalls that can come with switching to a carnivore way of eating.

It also means your chances of success go from slim to guaranteed. With Anthony and Simon in your corner there's no way you won't smash your goals in only 30 days.

  • A Daily Email From Anthony & Simon

You'll receive an email every day for 30 days sharing everything I’ve learnt about the Carnivore Diet.

The email includes learning from Anthony and Simon's personal experience plus, their favorite videos, articles and resources.

This will accelerate your learning without having to do the 100s of hours of research Anthony and Simon have done.

You'll save yourself month's or even year's worth of research and self-experimentation.

You'll receive the most informed and scientific carnivore research and information available so you can smash your goals on carnivore straight away without wasting any more time.

  • Community

Your network is your net worth.

The 30 Day Carnivore Challenge gives you instant access to a close-knit community of knowledgeable, like-minded people.

You will join our private messenger group on Telegram and receive tips from Primal Health Coaches and seasoned carnivores living a life of freedom, clarity, health and purpose.

Plus, you will be surrounded by others who are on the exact same journey as you.

Ask questions and get instant feedback.

Feel confident you won't give up, the accountability of the tribe will ensure you stick to your plan and achieve your goals!

Is it crazy to think you’d stay on track and smash your goals if you had an entire community behind you?

How To Get Started

Purchase the 30 Day Carnivore Challenge now and you'll receive your first email within 10 minutes.