5 Tips for Perfect Poos on the Carnivore Diet

#1 You do not need fiber. Fiber can actually slow things down and increase your constipation. You can’t digest fiber and you can’t get nutrition from it, you absolutely don’t need it and your poos will be much better without it.

#2 Dietary fat keeps your stools soft. Eat more fat to ensure you can easily pass your stools. If they’re too soft or if you have diarrhoea you need to ease up on how much fat you’re eating. It’s really that simple.

#3 You do not need to do a bowel movement every day. People are often shocked when they go carnivore that they only do a number 2 every second day or even once a week and they worry that they’re constipated. But, if there’s no discomfort and your stools are soft, you’re not constipated. On the carnivore diet you absorb most of the food you eat so there is very little waste. Compare this to a plant-based diet where most people are defecating multiple times per day which is absolutely not normal or healthy.

#4 If you have IBS, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis you need to let your gastrointestinal tract rest so it can heal. This means removing all fibrous plant food and only eating foods that you can easily digest including meat and eggs. This has been proven to be more effective at treating Crohn’s disease than any medication and is actually fixing the root cause of the problem.

#5 Coffee, artificial sweeteners and supplements like magnesium can cause diarrhoea. So, if you’re still having these things and you have loose stools then try removing them and things will most likely normalise.

The Bristol Stool Chart is a good way to assess your bowel movements. You can ignore the bit about ‘lacking fiber’ when you get loose stools, it just goes to show how widespread this obsession with fiber is, all while offering zero nutrition for humans. Also, loose stools doesn't always mean you have inflammation, you might have simply eaten too much fat.

To learn more check out the video titled ‘Fiber, Constipation and Diet’ on Dr. Chaffee’s YouTube channel.

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