#1 Susan

#2 Olivia

#3 Celia

#4 Lisa Vaughan

#5 Joe Ascoli

#6 Nanci Fulmek

#7 Troy Jones

#8 Bodhi Kenyon

Link to Bodhi's blog post: 

#9 Stephanie F

3 Month Results
After losing 7 pounds the first 6 weeks on carnivore, I dropped another 19 pounds 🤯 in the second 6 weeks. 26 pounds gone since April 1st (I had lost 60 pounds on keto in the two years before).
I’m feeling overall much better but I’m still healing and going through rough days. Oxalate dumping and mold toxins are leaving my body. During a severe dump I get histamine reactions and anxiety.
My Hashimoto’s goiter is almost gone! My body aches used to make me joke I was a rotisserie chicken in bed as I couldn’t stay on one side for more than a few minutes without needing to roll over for pain. My brain is so quiet and calm. I’ve been watching the sunrise while grounding my bare feet in the dewy grass. Upped my water to 3 litres a day. Doing core work with my chiro before starting any lifting. My POTS seems to have gone away. I do still drink salt water.
I’m fasting up to 72 hours with ease on well primed/nurtured carnivore. What a difference!
My inches lost are as follows:
Bust: - 4.5”
Waist: -5.5”
Tummy: -7”
Hips: -4.5”
Thigh: -3.5”
Arm: -1.75”
Keep it up everyone! The best is yet to come! ☺️

#10 Carole H

I've gone from 248 to 187.4LBs on Carnivore since 1/1/24. About 1.5 pounds per week this month. The scale is the least of the benefits. I am off all mood and anxiety prescriptions and sleeping pills as well as the botox I was having injected into my neck muscles form my dystonic tremor. This is a big feat as my Mom passed this month and stress levels have been very high.

I think the best result that I’m tracking is in my bloodwork. Normal glucose A1C and the knowledge that I'm fighting to cure my insulin resistance and some baselines for that. My mineral and vitamin absorptions are vastly improved. I haven't had a normal Vitamin D level in over 15 years.

I feel like I'm thriving on Carnivore and plan to eat this way for the rest of my life. I’m learning amd benefitting from Circadian Rhythm work and other lessons in Quantum Biology. I wish everyone all the best on their journeys and thank you for all the support.

#11 Cathy M

6 months carnivore!!
Lost 22 kilos (48lbs) 😅
Avoided knee surgery. (So far!)
Arthritic pain in multiple joints is 95% gone. 💪🏻
General muscle aching is gone.
Nighttime arms tingling is gone.
Eczema/rash is gone
Dandruff is gone
Triglycerides dropped from 5.8 to 1.4
Blood pressure is normal
More energy!!
I’m able to walk up the stairs with something in my hands 🧺
Pics were taken exactly 6 months apart. Christmas (day before I started) and June 25 📸


#12 Susan

Very excited! Did an InBody body composition analysis at the start of the Carnivore Challenge and one at the end.

Previously, while on keto I lost 7.5% of my lean muscle mass along with my weight loss.

On this challenge I lost 8.5 pounds and less than1% of that was lean muscle mass, it was almost all fat loss!

Not to mention all the fantastically delicious steaks…

#13 Pam S

I still can’t believe it! After listening to countless carnivore podcasts for the past four years, I finally made the leap. I went strict keto four years ago and lost 70 pounds! 

When I started a new job two years ago, I was too embarrassed to tell my new coworkers that I didn’t eat bread. They took me to a restaurant that served only pizza, so I ate my first bread in two years! 

It was all downhill from there. I tried unsuccessfully to get back on the plan multiple times, only to fail. I even paid for books, classes, apps, and coaching. Nothing worked! I gained back 40 pounds! So debilitating.

Somehow, this time was different. Despite having to buy treats for my students, coworkers, and family, I abstained. It certainly wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I did it!

I feel great! No bloating, no reflux, no maddening addictive behaviors! I feel free!

Thank you for all your positive support and encouragement. Keep up the great work!

#14 Elsbeth

So, about 3 years ago, I decided to give the Keto lifestyle a try, and let me tell you, it has been quite a journey! I've lost over 70kg, which is no small feat. But you know what kept me going? My WHY. You see, I've been dealing with osteoarthritis and stage 3 lipoedema, and the Keto lifestyle actually helped reduce the inflammation. Amazing, right?

But here's the thing, as I was on this Keto journey, I stumbled upon something called oxalate problems. I had no clue what that was at first, but I dug deeper and found myself leaning towards the carnivore lifestyle. So, about 4 months ago, when I found Dr. Anthony Chaffee, I made the switch to strict Carnivore. And let me tell you, it has made a world of difference! The inflammation practically vanished within a couple of months. However, I wasn't really losing weight as I hoped. That's when I decided to tweak my ratios a bit. I went from 70:30 to 80:20 just a week ago, and guess what? The weight is finally shifting!

#15 Maria B

Dear Dr. Chaffee, Simon and all my fellow Carni-Pals,

Thank you so much for bringing this WOE to my attention,

And for all the support and smiles I have had here.

It took a while to re-condition myself to listening to my body and meeting it's need. Isn't it crazy that an animal (me) evolved from eating meat YET made the decision to avoid it for 40yrs.

Thank goodness my body is forgiving me. Eating fat and meat my body has lowered triglycerides, increased HDL, lowered blood pressure, lowered insulin and glucose, cleared all Liver markers, reduced body fat, increased testosterone, increased muscle mass, increased bone density. This lifestyle has cured me of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis.

As my pain and mental health resolved my energy improved and I wanted to get out, to walk, to skip and even to run, to swim and to play . At last, I have recovered the joy of living. I am now happy and able to face whatever challenges may come.

Thank you 🙏

#16 Kym W

#17 Lucy R

Hi Dr. Chaffee,
I would love to join the November group, however, because I'm doing so incredibly well on a strict carnivore diet now for 7 months, (no coffee, tea, sweeteners, or spices) I am too busy!
You and Simon have helped me a lot along this journey in past challenges which have been invaluable to me. I wouldn't have the success I'm experiencing without the help I received from both of you and the community. 
I now have a new job and I love it! There is no way this would have happened had I continued along in my old lifestyle. I wouldn't have had the physical energy level required, the mental clarity, or the calm presence of mind to face a fairly steep learning curve.
I feel super young and vibrant at 63 and it feels fabulous to be out in the world and engaged. I work, I swim, and I eat meat––life is good! 
It was important to me that you know how much you've helped me; and still help me, as I listen to your interviews and your youtube videos.
With kind regards,

#18 Mike Taupier

"365 Day Journey Executed. Started one year ago today and Joined Decembers Carnivore challenge. Learned so much along the way. The last 3 months strict eating with the 30 Day Carnivore Challenge Group and dropped the final 27 pounds like it was Butter!!! 275 lbs To 200 lbs this morning. Thats 75 pounds and packed on some Muscle along the way. I also followed a mental toughness program along the way, which helped me focus and execute daily. This man is on FIRE. Thank you everyone for your guidance and support. JUST KEEP SWIMMING" Mike Taupier

#19 Celeste P

"30 days completed 10/18.
  1. Great energy, no need for coffee. (Still on thyroid).
  2. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and don’t need to wear my braces anymore!
  3. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet, arthritis in my right foot, faucet joints and pre-arthritis in my shoulders. My knees have also been hurting. ALL 95% better. I used to go to the gym SIX DAYS/WK to do back and leg strengthening exercises and I don’t do any of that now!
  4. This is the only diet I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a lot) that has kicked my hot buttered biscuit, chocolate, and donut cravings.
  5. I’ve lost 12 pounds.
  6. My mental fortitude is a lot better. I’m still depressed but I can weather it MUCH better. Far more cheerful.
  7. My eyesight has improved!
  8. Never gassy or bloated.
  9. Never hypo glycemic. Can fast!
  10. May have convinced my 15 year old to give up vegetarianism at the least, and maybe go carnivore at the best.
  11. May have convinced my 19 year old recently diagnosed schizoaffective to try carnivore, or at least keto, or at least no sugar, then wheat, then dairy. Please keep up prayers for them both!

    Thank you Dr. Chafee, Simon, and everyone who has responded to posts and posted awesome shares!"

#20 Larry W

Price of admission is covered (10 days in).

I got my salt right, I got my fat right, my portions are right, my steaks are aging in the fridge, I’ve made a bunch of new recipes (even entertained some sad eaters with carni!) I would ask more questions but I keep finding the answers in the course.

#21 Lisa V

"5 months eating a carnivore style plan and my life long gut pains bloating spasms and reoccurring. SIBO-C is fully resolved. Arthritic pains in my thumbs and toes gone.

Energy is stable and sustained.

7 kilos of weight easily shed. Weight that had been slowly increasing as I headed into menopause.
The first photo is a typical day of bloat after eating a “healthy diet full of vegetables and low fat”. I have been gluten free for many years but tried all the typical Fodmap style diets, to no avail.
Desperate and tired of having a sore belly every single day I found carnivore and thought “I have nothing to lose”
I started with one month. Then the next. Then the next. Each month refining my “version of carnivore” to a more full carnivore style easily loving this lifestyle and eating style. It feels in alignment with my ancestral history.
Day by day I feel better and better.
Stronger in the gym and clearly getting leaner as I proceed.
As a health practitioner I have patients daily asking “What are you doing to look so very well and young”.
I smile and say “Just following a human specific diet. I eat meat and feel better than ever.”
#22 Cynthia

"This is a great encouragement and good value for the price. Where else do you have unlimited access to a doctor for answers? Community was great and always encouraging. Great way to break carb addiction if you don’t cheat yourself."

#23 Michelle

"I've found just beef, salt and water is the golden ticket for me.
I haven't had the weight drip away but I have noticed my body changing sharp. One day I might get that miracle weight drop. Slow and steady wins the race!
My sleeping has improved. My VCD, similar to asthma but isn't, has changed. I don't cough anymore. That's after a lifetime of coughing. Even hubby has noticed it. I am proud of myself on that one.
My energy has increased. My memory has also improved. Not sure how to explain it. I can see the world clear through my eyes from an improved brain. It all seems clearer. Hope that sense.
I'm an very happy 😊"

#24 V. B.
"Such valuable, truthful information! Thank you 🤗.
I can testify that the carnivore diet has improved my arthritis pain, aided in my weight loss efforts, calmed my intestines and all this since November 14, 2023.  
Arthritis pain from all kinds of injuries from my 20’s have side-lined my ability to exercise the way I want to, the way I need to, to keep my weight and inflammation down.  That injury-pain-weight gain cycle 🔄 became imbedded.   
Simply walking became unbearably painful and for two years I just couldn’t seem to heal (plantar fasciitis + achilles tendonitis and probably gout). I could relate to Sally Norton’s story on her plant-based diet dis-ease symptoms and the comfort she found reducing oxalates in her diet. I wanted to learn more.  
Honestly, it was Mikhaila Peterson’s healing experience with the “Lion Diet” that stunned me to the core.  How could a “Beef-Water-Salt Optional Diet“ heal an autoimmune racked body? Dr. Chaffee’s concise reasoning and research on plants being the culprit, however, made sense. 
Could I have gotten this all wrong, all these years?  That plants WERE  the problem?  That my never-ending cycles of yo-yo obesity from my 20’s and ever increasing pain had actual causes to them, indifferent to how disciplined I was?
That my intense love of grilled, fatty steaks since I was a kid made me human, not a “bad person?”  Couldn’t be a fluke. 
Then, after watching HOURS and DAYS of Dr Chaffee’s YouTube videos, seeing his firm stance and rock solid convictions “plants are trying to kill us,” and “that man has survived on animal meat for ions,” I admit seemed like solid science.  My love of Anatomy and Physiology, however, couldn’t be reconciled until I tried the carnivore diet for myself. So I took you guys up on the Challenge!
So far, so good!
At my carnivore diet 90-day mark, February 13th, I’m getting my yearly full blood panel, along with an allergy test, through our functional medicine doctor here. Should be interesting.
So Simon, thanks again, and in the words of my favourite neighbour, “Have a SUPER AWESOME DAY!” 🌞 

#25 Michelle M

"1st 2 weeks full carnivore, remaining 2 full Chaffee.
1st time in my life my chronic cough disappeared and my Breathing improved.
Chronic fatigue - gone
Brain fog - gone
Memory improved A LOT!!!
Nose bleeds - gone
Joint pain - gone
Liver/ pancreas pain - gone
Spleen "pinging" - gone
Cluster headaches - gone
Dry eyes - gone
Leg cramps- gone
Hair loss- improved regrowth happening
Finger nails - 1st time
Sleep - wonderful best ever!
Rosacea - improved
Eye sight - improved
Energy levels - improved they are amazing!
Exercise - drastically improved. Sprinting for the 1st time in my life
4kgs - vanished
Reduced dress size by 1 very
Feel happy in my skin for the 1st time.
Loving life, loving my body, loving where I am going, most of all loving you guys."

#26 Caroline

"First month on 'How to Carnivore Challenge' and the effects have only been positive.

The sleep quality has gone through the roof, sleeping right through the night, waking up so refreshed and rested, no night sweats.

Skin has brightened and feels smoother.

Knee joint pain has started easing and commuting to and from work is so much better as a result, energy has improved, used to feel so lethargic.

Oh and before I forget, I've lost 10kg (22lbs).

Thanks to this wonderful community for all the chats, advice, inspiration, Q&A sessions etc. I've learned so much. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Chaffee
 and Simon for all you do!!

Much appreciated. Keep spreading the word! 😇💫"

#27 Daniel L

"This month has been a massive win.

Jan 31st I was 78.9kgs, suffering with bloating and symptoms of IBS, as well as having gut issues due to polyps in the gall bladder and a large cyst in the pancreas. I was addicted to both coffee and alcohol and maintaining a strict diet just wasn’t following those addictions.

29 days of strict meat and water later and I’m 72.7kgs, not bloated at all. My stools have corrected themselves. I have no interest in coffee or alcohol. My muscles are more pronounced and I have more energy all day. I no longer feel the issues in my gut like I did. An ultrasound next week will tell me where the cyst, etc are at.

This has been an amazing turnaround in just 29 days. Can’t wait to see how I am after 6 months. Thanks to this community for the information and the inspiration."

#28 Brenda

"A little late to the party, but I just wanted to say thank you Simon Lewis
 and Dr. Chaffee for a fabulous month and getting that last 5-10% tweaked.

Goal of no coffee, alcohol and cheese complete. And now no desire for any of them.

Thanks to the suggestion of the 3D mask and blue blockers in the evening, I now sleep 8- 10 hours each night.

And thanks to The Stoic Journal as with gratitude and intentions added to each day, I reached my goal of completing my Primal Health Coach Certification this morning! Whoop Whoop!

Yes, keep me on auto, I've learned something everyday and met some pretty incredible people along the way."

#29 Carmen Tse

How To Carnivore is very well organized and part of an easy-to-use app. Information is communicated well and the education section is full of useful videos and articles. Having direct access to Dr. Chaffee for weekly Q&A sessions is highly beneficial. Simon is a great moderator and I had an awesome experience.

#30 Kate Mibus

It's so nice and encouraging being in a group thats on the same journey. Trying to improve our health. I'm delighted with the teaching on regenerative farming. Being a farmer myself, this is close to my heart.

#31 Gary G

It hasn't quite been a week since I joined, but I must say that I am very impressed with what you have put together. I have been in a few other (and am still concurrently in Ken Berry's) online groups which are hosted by/with other popular carnivorous influencers. This one is by far the best!

The Classroom tab's layout and content is one particular aspect that really sets it apart. Plus the additional resources and replays all listed out in a very easy-to-navigate manner. So much better than searching YouTube and missing what I don't know to search for.

The live Q&A knocked my socks off too, actually being a two-way interactive Zoom meeting. Even better than Dr. Chaffee's regular Thursday public Q&As. Those also have great value, but this was just WAY better than I expected. It was almost like a semi-private mini-consult opportunity, with bonus Q&A info.

#32 Janet W

The Carnivore Diet has changed my life in so many ways. My results go far beyond what has happened to my body and my mind, it has changed the trajectory of my life. I always knew my purpose in this life was the help others be the best version of themselves and I have tried to do that the best way I knew how. I thought I had done that until I found out that everything I had been teaching my students since I got out of college was all wrong. I began teaching fitness classes in 1979 and switched over to yoga in 2015.

When I first learned about the Carnivore Diet I went through the 5 stages of grief.

Denial: “This is the craziest thing I have every heard of, none of this is true! It just can’t be” I thought the person that told me about it was off her rocker (she happens to be my massage therapist that I have seen for about 15 years that is my spiritual guru, teacher, and advisor who WAS vegan/vegetarian.) The person that I trusted more than anyone in the world was saying the exact opposite of everything she had taught me over the years.

Anger: I felt angry once I realized what she, all the doctors and other people on You Tube were saying about the CD was true. I was so mad because I had been duped and lied to all my life by those pushing the anti-meat narrative and their own agendas. All those years of me teaching my students what I thought was the truth on how to be healthy was just bullshit. There was a lot of guilt on my part because of that, there still is.

Bargaining: The Carnivore Diet was very difficult for me in the beginning because I keep looking for loopholes. “But I really love nuts and seeds, they CANNOT be bad for me. I am not about to give up my Kombucha in the morning, I know it’s good for me and it tastes SO good.”

Depression: I was so sad to give up my old life, my old way of thinking, all the yummy foods I would never get to eat again. I would get very nostalgic and found myself thinking of my childhood and how I would eat Sugar Crisp cereal for breakfast (even though I haven’t had Sugar Crisp in over 40 years!) Or how my brother and I would walk down to the corner store and get a Snickers bar and put peanuts in a bottle of Dr Pepper. I would beat myself up for sharing with my yoga students my recipe for making spinach smoothies with plenty of flaxseed, chia seeds and lots of fruit to make it palatable. I was basically eating a vegan/vegetarian diet even though I never labelled myself a vegan because I knew if a piece of meat crossed my path I would gobble it up!

Acceptance: Finally, the good part of the story. It wasn’t until I joined How to Carnivore that I accepted that this is the life I was meant to live. After hearing all your success stories as well as the difficulties I realized I had found my tribe. At last, I have discovered my true purpose in life was much bigger than I had imagined, more than I had ever dreamed. My purpose in life is to now share this news with as many people as I can so I can make a difference in their lives. I am ready, I am willing and with the support and knowledge of all of you I can do it.

Thanks to Milica for your unwavering belief and support for me! Thank you 
Simon and Dr. Chaffee for this platform. I hope I can live up to the standard and example that both of you have set. I wish you the best in life always and will be eternally grateful for this experience.

Other Results:
Mental health has greatly improved-no longer taking any medications
ADHD: improved focus and concentration
Still have leg cramps at night, but not nearly as severe
Can play pickleball for 2 hours without pain anywhere in my body and have taken my game to a higher level
Gaining muscular strength and stamina
I’ve had warts all my life-they are gone
Vitiligo is improving
Joint pain is much less
Arthritis in my knees has improved
No change in my Raynaud’s Syndrome yet, but have hope it will
Sleep Apnea-Only sleeping about 4 hours at a time, but know that will work itself out with more effort on circadian rhythms
Not taking any medication to help me sleep-first time in 40 years
Chronic Fatigue-getting better
BP: 117/82 (it measured 147/86 a few days ago)
Weight: started at 3/1/24 119 down to 115 (losing weight was not a concern or goal).

#33 Christine T

March is my first month with Carnivore. I'm very excited to report that I am down 10 pounds. But the best change is that my continuous glucose monitor has shown almost a straight line with no blood sugar spikes. My numbers have been very good. This is the best health benefit I could hope for. Thank you Dr. Chaffee and Simon for all the great info.

#34 Peter K

This month was a great success for me. Started the month at 129kg. Finished the month at 118kg. 11kg (24.2 lbs) lost for the month. Feeling really good. Definitely going to keep this going.

#35 Tammy B

I started my journey Jan 8 2024… my results have been slow to say the least … only 5 lb weight loss … need to lose 50… But that’s not my ultimate goal. It IS a goal tho lol. I’ve been sick for 25 years with autoimmune diseases… spine issues and joint issues and kidney stones multiple times without going into all the details …. What I have noticed is my appetite has completely changed … I can see the knuckles on my hands for the first time in YEARS from less inflammation… my knees hurt less and I exercise more now than I have in a long time. My mind is clearer and this is the first time I’ve been able to stick to anything and actually enjoy it!

Of course I miss some foods I enjoyed previously at times. But now when I see them I see “kidney stones.. or pain”. I don’t see them as joyful things anymore … it’s been a whole mindset change … the lies we’ve been told are appalling to me. I’m a clinical herbalist gone carnivore. So it’s a totally new adventure for me. And although things are slow right now…. I’m loving it and can’t see going back…. So I hope that in a years time. I’ll be able to come back and post the perfect results that I so desire and prove that illness can be reversed… This month I have lost 2 more lbs. which is still sooo. Slow lol and 0.44 on my body fat…. I’m also a BIG gum chewer. Has xylitol but not sugar. I’ve noticed that after I chew the gum … I get nauseated and have hot flashes. Which is weird lol. … so I’m no longer a gum chewer. That was the hardest thing to give up. I’m not sure how many times I’ll have to get nauseous to fully eliminate but so far it hasn’t been too hard to pass up. I’ve also noticed ( as have others) that I don't struggle to get up off the floor and take a few minutes to get going once I’m up anymore. I’ve struggled there for years with arthritis and such… I'm very much considering the lion diet. I’m super curious to how that would go. I really like eggs and butter tho… but ultimately total health is my goal.

The healing has been slow. But it’s been progressing and I’m able to stick with this and never able to stick with anything else before. It’s day by day but so far each day has led to the next and I do feel I’m lifer… I greatly appreciate this group and all the encouragement and knowledge I’ve gained …

#36 Frida

I had started carnivore one month before I joined the group. What really helps me is to read and listen all these conversations, where various problems come in focus. Since I don't have any like minded people in my circle and since the carnivore diet in Europe is neither so popular nor are the carnivores well organised with similar groups, the online "contact" with your community is a great support, in order not to feel alone with what I am doing. I watch the videos with you and the members in Skool (the time difference doesn't allow me to watch them live) and Dr. Chaffee's videos on YouTube. All this information helps me enormously with going on with the carnivore life style and improving the diet according to my schedule and preferences.

#37 Katherine 

After that 2-week stall I shared with you guys earlier my body has been in a major flush mode. In the last 6 days I've dropped 8.8lbs! That's 28.8lbs since I started 'carnivorish' the month before our 30 day challenge. In the last two weeks I switched to all beef, butter, eggs and salt and I feel like that's made a world of difference for me.

I no longer supplement any electrolytes. Everything is regulating. My sleep is good, although I need less. My hair isn't falling out... that has been a lifelong problem. My energy is increasing and my overall feeling of well-being has a marked improvement. Oh and I've lost 2 pant sizes!

People are asking how I'm losing weight, but no one wants to talk about it when I say I'm only eating meat. I imagine a few of them will come around to the dark side when they see my continued success.

#38 Monica E

My one month carnivore results:

  • A reduction in my chronic pain which is awesome after being in chronic pain for almost two decades
  • Headaches almost resolved
  • Feeling more rested after a night's sleep
  • Down 5kg (11 pounds)
  • Actually having appetite/experiencing the sensation of hunger
  • Mental health much more even, less depression
  • Improvement on brain fog
  • No bloating or stomach pain
  • No longer wake up for the toilet overnight

#39 Kevin C

I’m doing great today is day 138 Lion diet.

I love everyday I’m on this eat’n right for my species! I’ve enjoyed losing 38 pounds since day one and I also enjoy watching my strength training continued increase in performance not to mention my mental acuity is higher than I can ever remember it being and my energy level is always up except when I’m sleeping, and then I sleep better than I’ve slept, and I don’t know how many years.

I only wish more people would believe me when I told them what I’m doing and how easy it is to follow. Once one gets used to eating meat without all the other stuff. Some of my family members have enjoyed eating more meat, but they still participate in things like potatoes, and or salads , so they don’t quite see the benefit for them yet very soon probably on day 150 I’m gonna go get my blood panel work done because I do have a comparison of my blood panel prior to day one.

I really do appreciate the work you put into making this information so available and so easy for us to use, I thank you from the bottom of my heart which by the way is much healthier now.

#40 Yannick

So far, so good ! I wasn't sure how many months to take for the challenge. I've being doing tests with the carnivore on and off since 5 years but still having issues with some things. I'm glad I took more than 1 month. I wasn't expecting having professionals from different background doing live with us. Having the chance to ask them question is a great plus. The community is great and helping each other. Having Dr. Chaffee answering your question is really neat. He's not only on YouTube, he's real ! It feels weird having the chance to discuss with him after watching many videos. Simon is doing a great job organizing everything. I'm glad to be a part of that challenge :) !

#41 Carole

On 1/1/24 I weighed in at 244 pounds at 5 foot 5 and 3/4 inches tall. I was at class 3 obesity with severe arthritis, asthma, depression, hypothyroidism, rosacea and dermatitis, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, high blood sugar aka metabolic syndrome/pre diabetes and an unknown auto immune disease where I run high fevers and with joint swelling and skin rashes. I also have an inherited cervical dystonia or head tremor. My hormones were a mess as I had a complete hysterectomy at age 38 for endometriosis. I could not lose weight even in calorie and fat restricted keto but I had tried every possible diet and was considering weight loss injections or surgery. I could only take one step up or down stairs with one then the ither foot before going up or down at a time vs one foot per stair …and I am 59 years young. I was taking inhaled steroids to breathe daily and prednisone tablets monthly and gaining weight. I was desperate to live and enjoy life and feeling trapped in a broken vessel.

I found Carnivore and started in 2024 and today weigh 46 pounds less. Down to Class I obesity. 6 inches lost around my waist That is not even the best part. In April I discontinued steroid and depression medications (I weaned with support from my physician). I added bioidentical hormone restoration. I changed from Synthroid to armour thyroid medication. And stopped a huge quantity of supplements. I can breath and walk normally when I go up and down stairs. I have energy to do the things I enjoy again. Rashes are gone. Joint swelling vastly reduced. Pain is from 8 to 2 or less. Tremor is improved.

Last week I lost fat while at the Orlando Theme Parks and walked more than 10,000 steps per day. I knew what the sugar and processed foods would do to me. And it felt wonderful and liberating to choose foods that served my body and mind instead. Those foods are real and they are the very best part of our options. I don't feel deprived by selecting these foods. I am blessed!

I would like to lose an additional 56 pounds and continue to improve my health, especially my strength and mobility. Im also walking attempting to sprint and started using an X3 resistance trainer as of two weeks ago.

I’m staying with this group! You all are stuck with me😉 Thank you all so much for the wonderful support and sharing what you’ve learned. And … my doggies are heathier too Thank you!

#42 Janet W

I had a big win last night; I slept almost 7 hours straight! I’m spent most of this month learning about circadian rhythms and trying to implement those changes.
My leg cramps are still attacking me at night, but I am holding onto the hope that they will sort themselves out as long as I stand strong.

My vitiligo is improving, and I think my Raynaud’s Syndrome is getting better. I know these will take time and I am up for the task.

My muscles are getting stronger, I can especially see the difference in my arms. One thing that really bothered me was all the loose skin and wrinkles in my arms and across my belly. My skin has started to shrink and looks so much better. I lost SO much bone and muscle since 2015 when I took my yoga teacher training and was eating mostly a plant-based diet.

I am off ALL medications and my mental health has improved by leaps and bounds! Better memory, more mental clarity, less stress and worry.

My knees are feeling better than they have in 15 years.

Thanks again to all of you for your support and let’s do this together!

#43 Stephanie C

How To Carnivore is such a friendly, supportive and informative community space. Carnivore is gathering interest 'out there' but is still relatively rare. So it's immensely helpful to feel part of a crowd, rather than a lone wolf. I've experienced great improvements in my health and wellbeing in this past couple of months. I'm very grateful to Simon, Dr Chaffee and the active participants for all the encouragement ~ thank you!

#44 Omar Salom

SO cool, scientific information and close coaching. Simon answers kindly any inquiry or specifics that we are going through. Dr Chaffee is such a great researcher. I have been on the carnivore diet for more than 2 months, feel better and better. It makes a HUGE different to be coached and lead by them.

#45 Ronna Bulera

It was exactly what I needed to get me back on track. Dr. Chafee, Simon Lewis, and the guests that they have invited are all so knowledgeable and wise in their sharing. There is always more to be learned! And there's such a sense of belonging within the community.

#46 Beverley C

This month with being part of the group has been really important for me to stay with the program. The videos with guest speakers have been inspirational and have helped me build up a better understanding of what this lifestyle does for us, both physically and mentally.
My takeaways from this month are:
  1. Eat more fat, as it stops emotional cravings for treats (I now pour the fat juices over the meat before eating, delicious).
  2. I have had problems loosing weight but have decided to up my exercise programme to twice a day. I may not loose weight but I will protect muscle mass.
  3. I’ve learnt not to think “Once I loose weight I’ll eat this “ or “on my birthday I can eat this….” Having this internal conversation was undermining determination to stay with way of eating
But the group and the chats have been fantastic, thanks to everyone 😊

#47 Jason S

I don't know where to start. I've been on the lion diet for this month. Blood sugar down 200 points, even with dawn effect. Weight down 10 lbs. Vision improving, have gone back to a previous prescription from 4 years ago. Skin has dramatically improved with most flaking completely gone. Huge reduction in mucus production in my lungs, to where I go for days without coughing up stuff. Muscle definition has appeared where there hasn't been any for years. I no longer bleed from my gums when I brush my teeth. Pitting Edema of the lower extremities is gone. My desire for intimacy with my wife has increased. I rarely feel groggy in the morning when I wake up, only when I don't get enough sleep. Numbness in my left hand has decreased to the point where the back of the hand is normal, and I can now feel things I lift and hold. This is a huge change. My desire and energy for working out has also climbed. I no longer suffer through work outs, but enjoy them! I have not had a single gout attack and have not been taking the gout medicine. My mental attitude has also improved. I entertain the gloomy thoughts that were part of my daily life less and less. I have hope, instead of just enduring life. I actually have a jaw line now, something that hasn't been there for decades. I am looking forward to my blood tests and doctor visit his next month, instead of dreading it. I can actually exhale all the air out of my lungs without it causing a coughing fit. My left knee which has been damaged, is now recovery. I have much less pain even though I am doing physical therapy with it. I limp less! I'm not ready for running yet, but I am hopeful that I will be able to in the future. My abdomen has decreased in girth to where all my shirts are baggy on me. I've gone down 4 inches in waist size for my pants. I'm sure there are things going on with my endocrine system that I only sense to a degree. I am not the person who started this challenge a month ago.

#48 Kristyn B

I've achieved more than I could have ever imagined!

-Fat loss is a given, that being said, most people would think that I was in perfect health and didn't have fat to lose, but as a former competitive gymnast my standards are a bit different. The puffiness in my face was the first thing to go and my abdominal bloating completely vanished. That is no exaggeration. I also started out a 122 Lbs and ended at 111 Lbs. I'm only 5 foot tall so this is right where I need to be. And I did this without adding in weight training yet. I am not an advocate for skipping the gym, but during this challenge, I decided to prioritize getting natural sunlight in with 30min-1hr walks every day on my lunch break. I plan to add back in my weights starting Monday to step my health up a notch.

-My cystic acne that has only very recently been an issue for me (I'm 37 and I'd say this started about 2 years ago) is completely gone. I haven't had one breakout since starting, even on my cycle which is typically when these flare ups were happening.

-My cycle in general was much improved.

-Energy levels are stable. I am a very busy full-time employee and mother of 2 children, there is no free time in my life, and I have been exhausted for going on 10 years. Now my sleep has improved, and I am not waking up tired or falling asleep on the couch at the end of the night.

I am so thankful for the hours of information provided by this challenge; it has truly been a blessing and I have shared this with everyone I can to get them to at least commit to 30 days...life changing work is being implemented here and I want everyone I love to experience this too.

Thank you so much Simon and Dr. Chaffee.

#49 Janet H

Well it’s the morning of the 31st May. I went hardcore on 1 May, no coffee, no milky coffee drink just meat, salt and water.

15 lbs down over the month.

BP going down every week.

Wardrobe is changing, costing a fortune as a result! Shoe size gone down by a half size.

Last night had a funny thing happen, was paying someone via my bank account and it required my biometric pass using my face. It took forever as the camera was not recognizing my now slimmer face! 🤣🤣 need to redo it now!

Inadvertently I seemed to have sorted out a shoulder issue that I’ve endured for the last year. Hope my Chiropractor appointment on Monday is my last as I can now do windmills with my left arm whereas at Christmas I could barely raise it above elbow height! Whoop, whoop!

#50 Monica E

May has been pretty great, I’m just loving eating meat everyday haha it still feels like a treat every time I take a bite of steak 🥩 here are my main takeaways:

1. Blood pressure almost within normal limits! Down from 150s/100-110 to 130s/90s. So still some room for improvement, but I’m very happy with that - as is my cardiologist (even though I told him I still ate salt 😎).

2. Sleep 😴 this is a big one for me, I’m a lifetime insomniac relating to severe trauma as a child. I am now noticing that not only do I feel more rested when I wake up, but I actually no longer have such severe muscle tension in my neck? My head used to be pulled back in an exaggerated sort of sniffing position, super tense and very painful when waking up - it no longer seems to happen 🙂

3. Weight - now down a total of 8.5kg (18.7lbs). It’s been slow, but I’m just happy to have lost overall!

4. I have just finished my first pain free period in almost two decades… 🙃 it was so pain free that I didn’t even know that it had started!! No PMS, no pain, no mood swings and even energy

#51 Debbie W

Carnivore since mid-April.

Down 25 lbs; join pain is virtually gone; I'm off statins; for type2 diabetes I'm off metformin and amaryl and have cut daily long-term insulin (Tresiba) by 50%; I'm stopping BP meds today cuz it's normal - almost low w/ no meds.

I feel so much better - I feel like doing household chores, took my first walk around the block since last fall, running my own errands, taking my granddaughter on outings. I could go on and on...

The other 3 adults in my house still eat SAD and I am having no trouble avoiding all the processed crap they eat. Hoping my good results will eventually turn their stubborn minds.

My son who lives a mile away has decided to start carnivore today and I'm doing my best to support him without being a pushy mom and overwhelming him.

Looking to keep things going the way they have been, and looking forward to a second month on the HtC challenge!

#52 Vicki T

I'm really happy with how I have gone this month.
100% Carnivore (no dairy this month other than butter/ghee)
Water - excellent 3.5-4L per day
Movement - missed 3 days of no exercise - have even increased my gym to 3 times a week (I was only going twice) in addition to the walking.
Sunrise - heck YES ❤️🌅 BEST time of the day 🙂
De-stress - grounding, best thing no phone before going to bed, I seem to be reading more, loving my time sitting in silence.

Feeling fantastic, have noticed scar tissue has albeit disappeared, and my boobs are less (a lot) lumpy, have always had lumpy boobs! Sleeping so much better and even with way more water than usual only go to the toilet once during the night, this was up to 3 times a night. The list goes on................
Never ever hungry! Lost about 3.5 kgs which I'm happy with.

Win-win for me!

#53 Tait Bragdon

At 52, I decided to make a big change and ended up losing 16.5 kilograms in four months, going from 100 kg to 83.5 kg.

It all started with Dr. Chaffee’s Carnivore Challenge. Sticking to the carnivore diet helped me drop the weight and improve my health.

One of the biggest wins was getting my blood pressure under control after two years of it being high. It used to be around 157/108, but now it’s usually in the normal range, averaging around 115/78 or 122/81.

I did hit some bumps along the way, like dealing with constipation and diarrhea while my body adjusted to the new diet. But after two to three months, I got the hang of it by tweaking my fat intake with things like grass-fed ghee or salted butter.

My usual meals are pretty straightforward: bacon and eggs for breakfast, and for dinner, I go for beef burger patties with aged cheese, lamb cutlets, or a fatty rib eye steak. I love adding grass-fed New Zealand Westgold butter to my meals for a bit of extra flavor.

I also started intermittent fasting, which makes me feel great, especially when I fast for up to 24 hours or until lunch. I haven’t completely given up coffee, but I’ve cut back and sometimes have it with butter or a splash of cream.

Big shoutout to Simon and Dr. Chaffee for their support and advice, and to the Carnivore Challenge community for all the tips and motivation.

I’m proof that the carnivore diet can really change your life!