Today we'll be diving into a controversial topic, carbohydrates.

In the carnivore community we currently have two distinct camps:

Camp 1. Meat, Salt & Water (no carbs)

Camp 2: Meat, Salt, Water, Fruit & Honey

So, Who's Right And Who's Wrong?

Here's my opinion.

If you are suffering from severe illness like diabetes, IBS, Crohn's Disease, auto-immune issues, cancer, obesity, eczema etc. then the carnivore diet can help and in many cases completely reverse these diseases.

And the reason it works so well is because you're restricting carbohydrate consumption!

You aren't spiking your insulin.
You're not loading your gut with fibre.
And you're not consuming toxic plants.

When you eat fruit frequently and in large quantities you're not getting these benefits.

That's why I think Saladino and Carnivore Aurelius' (CA) message is harmful.

If you are sick and you come to carnivore to cure your illness, the message these two are spreading about eating fruit and honey might be very harmful for you.

What I think they are saying (without actually saying it) is, if you are metabolically healthy and don't have any severe health issues, you will thrive on a meat-based diet with no toxic plants and some fruit.

I completely agree with this but it's concerning that Saladino and CA don't stipulate this:

"If you are metabolically healthy and don't have any severe health issues..."

Instead they're creating confusion when the whole point of the carnivore diet is to heal people.

The work of Dr. Baker and Dr. Chaffee focuses more on healing sick people and they are both doing a wonderful job of healing literally thousands of people (Baker might be in the hundreds of thousands) with a strict carnivore diet.

What are your thoughts on carbs?

Are you an addict who'll never go back? Or, do you plan to incorporate some in your diet when you're healed?

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I’m addicted to how good I feel on the strict carnivore diet and will never go back to a carb based diet.


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