Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

I hate to disappoint you... but there is no one-size-fits-all carnivore meal plan.

We all have different preferences and different lifestyles.

What is really important is that you understand the principles of a carnivore diet.

Once you understand these principles, you will have the skills you need to design an ideal carnivore meal plan that suits you.

So, here are the carnivore diet principles you need to know:

What Can You Eat On The Carnivore Diet?

  • On the carnivore diet you should only eat meat, salt, and water for best results:
  • Eat fatty meat until it stops tasting good, and then stop. Eat any meat or seafood you prefer, makes you feel the best, and that you can afford, but ruminants like beef, lamb, goat and venison are optimal.
  • The fat is very important as it contains many essential nutrients and is essential for healthy hormones, skin, neurological health, energy, growth, and repair; it is not just a calorie source. Eat the fat!
  • Eggs are great as long as you tolerate them. If you do, it’s often the whites that cause issues so try having just the yolks to see if they work for you.
  • You can salt your meat to taste, but you don't need to add salt to your water unless for some reason it tastes good and you feel better doing it. Normally just salting to taste gets the job done. You really don’t need much salt and many long term carnivores don’t use salt at all, myself included.
  • Dairy should be used as a condiment only (I’ll expand on this in the next question).
Now, What Not To Eat:
  • My hard rules for myself and those who want to optimize their health are:
    1) No plants or fungi,
    2) No sugar or any sweeteners,
    3) Nothing artificial.
    These rules apply to sauces, seasonings, and drinks as well.
Some examples:
  • No plant oils eg. canola oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil or even olive oil
  • Seasonings, spices, bread crumbs etc.
  • Legumes, grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts etc.
  • Fruit and honey (sorry Dr. Saladino).
  • Sweeteners.
  • Coffee & tea.
  • Sauces and marinades.
  • Anything derived from or containing plants

Carnivore For Beginners - Dr. Anthony Chaffee

In this video you'll learn everything you need to know for success on the carnivore diet. It includes information on what you should eat, how much you should eat and how often. Watch this video and you'll be ready to start your carnivore journey. 

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I’ve been doing carnivore for about 3 weeks, and would like to continue but have found myself breaking the diet once or twice in this period of time. I feel good getting a little carbs (feels great), which is making me consider doing keto-vore. My wife who’s a nurse is concerned about the increased risk of colon cancer from people who have low fibre – could you please speak to this?

Petrus Pretorius

I’m 50, reasonably fit, 5’6"/130lbs, but have Celiac Disease, Hashimoto, and arthritic flare ups in old athletic injuries. I’ve recently started the carnivore diet, but am concerned that I have pain and pressure where my gallbladder used to be, which was removed 3 years ago after almost rupturing. I have read to use Ox Bile and Lipase to ease my way into the diet, but since I watched your video, I’ve leaned towards just letting my body figure it out by eating less-fatty meats. Is it still ok to feel a bit of pain and tugging where my gallbladder was? I do have an abnormally high bilirubin of 1.5-2.6 for decades with no answers other than that just may be my normal. Thank you for all you do to bring awareness.
Also, I look forward to joining you after the new year for a 30 Day challenge to check out the community as this has been a bit lonely doing this on my own. My 17 yr old daughter will be joining as well to see if it can help her JIA, IgA Deficiency, gut, and mental health. She is excited to try something that does not use medication. We look forward to it!


Thank you for providing this venue!! I have been Keto for years and then when I changed to Non strict Carnivore, I went from 230 to 162 doing allot of water fasting and intermittent fasting with a 4-6 hr. eating window, I did not work out on any regularity. I lost ALOT of muscle sadly. Very Flabby and loose skin. Also with being 65 yrs. old I have bags under my eyes and was wondering if you know of any women that have had them go away? I will be working out every other day for 30 minutes during the 30-day challenge unless you tell me differently. I am open to all coaching. Thank You

Kate Dixon

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