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X3 Bar

A portable system for resistance training designed to build muscle and strengthen bones fast. I use it every day.

Learn about the X3 here

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Carnivore Bar

Simply meat, fat and salt in a bar you can take anywhere! No nasty ingredients or plants.

Special offer: Get 10% off with the code HTC and that applies to subscriptions too which come with a 15% discount so you end up with 25% off overall.

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The Stoic Journal

A daily journal that helps you achieve your goals by combining stoicism, gratitude and affirmations. In short, totally life-changing!

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Stockman Steaks

Grass fed meat delivery, Australia-wide.

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Carnivore Crisps

Delicious, crunchy meat chips.

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Plant Free Tees

Awesome carnivore themed tee shirts created by Dr. Chaffee.

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Schwank Grill

Cook world-class steaks in your backyard.

Special offer: $150 OFF with the discount Code ANTHONYMD (Natural Gas or Propane)

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Carnivore Q&A: Dr. Chaffee Answers The 10 Most Common Carnivore Diet Questions

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Stone and Spear Tallow

100% natural tallow soaps and skincare products.

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Bon Charge

Best-in-market blue light blocking and circadian health products.

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Dr. Chaffee's Carnivore Challenge

Accountability, curated learning modules and support from Dr. Chaffee so you can smash your goals.

Find out more and register here

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