How To Workout For A Lean & Attractive Physique In Only 10 Minutes Per Day

You don’t have to work out on the carnivore diet but exercise, especially high intensity interval training such as sprinting or resistance exercises to muscle fatigue, has been shown time and time again to give many physiological health benefits.

So, if you are able to exercise this will help improve your health and your results, and can speed up fat loss while at the same time helping you build muscle. Some people, due to their health, may not be in a position to exercise however, but the carnivore diet is not something that only works if you exercise.
Some people think that a high fat meat-based diet will make you gain weight and lose health without exercise, but nothing could be further from the truth. Think of animals in the zoo that are essentially sedentary, but once fed their proper diet are very lean, strong, and healthy. The same goes for us as well.

Dr. Chaffee uses the X3 Bar system, along with other methods, which was developed by Dr. John Jaquish. The workouts can be done in 10 minutes and it’s compact and light so you can take it with you when you're traveling. The system uses very strong elastic bands that provide variable resistance throughout the exercise, and better matches your strength curve. What this does is maximize the benefit that you gain from resistance exercising in a lightweight form that can travel with you. If you're interested in purchasing an X3 Bar you can get $50 off with the code HTC.

However, if you don't have access to a gym or a home gym system like the X3, body weight resistance exercises to muscle fatigue is not only acceptable but very beneficial. Traditional cardio is fine but HIIT exercises and sprinting give multiple physiological and health benefits that far surpass grinding out cardio on the treadmill.
Training outside is also a good way to go as you’re getting the benefit of sun exposure while you’re working out which is great for your circadian rhythm, vitamin D, and mental health.

If you're looking to develop a lean, athletic and strong physique without smashing yourself at the gym or starving yourself then you should join our Carnivore Challenge. We take a natural approach where you optimise your health with nutrition, sunlight exposure and short intense exercise, which leads to a lean, strong and attractive physique. Click the link below to register for the Carnivore Challenge.

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Would like to understand what is that carnivore challenge. and exercices..I ll go to Nepal for 2 months and would like. to start. once i reach there, the challenge and support. I had a isquemic. left. side stroke 10 years ago and now i am having they said (light disturb me , heat , humidity on my leftt face around the eyes..i need. to jump. on the water. to afford stop the intensity…) trigeminal neuralgia- they. gave me carbomacepina 200mg and after 12 days i. had allergy…i. am doing now only. proteins…fish crustaceos meat eggs ..i could see. how my inflamation is going ou…but the last couple of days i. feel. nervous…don. t. know why…(i startes on. 1 st of may)…Thanks for reading me.

Natalia Gregori

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