What Must I Do To Get Well? By Elma Stuart

What Must I Do to Get Well? is a book written by Elma Stuart published in 1898 (yes, you read that right) about Dr. James H Salisbury’s Beef and Hot Water Diet Therapy for healing.

It was observed to help everything from diabetes to epilepsy to rheumatism to gout to migraines to insomnia to asthma to cancer.
The author was bedridden for 9 years with what today would be labelled Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She went to 43 doctors in an effort to regain her health. None of their recommendations worked.
She learned about Dr. Salisbury’s diet through an ad in her local newspaper and ordered his book The Relation of Alimentation and Disease.
A good neighbour helped her to do the diet by purchasing, grinding, and cooking all of her meals every day for 7 months until she was strong enough to do it for herself. All of the meat was purchased daily (from animals slaughtered that morning) and ground fresh just prior to cooking. Interestingly, this would have prevented any significant formation of histamines in the meat.
Elma says it took her about a year on Dr. Salisbury’s diet to regain her health. At the time of publication, Elma had eaten beef and hot water exclusively for 11 years.

It's fascinating to me that we've known how to heal for so long, thousands of years really, yet this knowledge was lost in the last century.

You can download the entire book for free here: 

126 years after Elma Stuart wrote this incredible book, people are still healing through an elimination or elemental diet, today we call it a 'carnivore' diet.

This is the same approach Dr. Chaffee takes to heal people through his Carnivore Challenge. You eat fatty meat, salt and water for a month and just like in the days of Dr. Salisbury, it's incredibly effective at healing hormone, autoimmune and gut problems amongst other modern diseases.

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