Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

In this video you'll learn everything you need to know for success on the carnivore diet. 

It includes information on what you should eat, how much you should eat and how often. 

Watch this video and you'll be ready to start your carnivore journey. 

The Carnivore Diet is your key to:

- Fat loss
- Muscle gain
- Endless energy
- More focus
- Better gut health

You will achieve this by leveraging the wisdom of your ancestors.

You will finally start eating your species appropriate diet - meat, animal fat, salt and water.

What exactly should you eat?

On the carnivore diet you eat any meat, salt and drink water. That's it.

Any meat is fine but beef is the most nutritious and most people find they end up preferring beef after a week or two on carnivore so they prioritise eating it. Lamb is a distant second place. 

Optional, if you tolerate eggs and don't get any kind of reaction from them then it's fine to eat eggs. 

Also optional, if you can tolerate dairy it's fine to have as a condiment. Eg. some cheese on your steak or added butter to your ground beef to increase the fat content. We don't recommend drinking milk (even raw milk) as it contains lactose which will spike your blood sugar levels and mess with your hunger signals.

Don't eat any sweeteners, coffee, tea, honey, spices, pepper or anything made from plants.

*Do not use any oils to cook your meat, instead cook with butter, ghee or tallow.

Carnivore For Beginners Video by Dr. Anthony Chaffee

This video explains the tips, tricks and common pitfalls to watch for when getting started with the carnivore diet.