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Healthy Habits Tracker Poster

Healthy Habits Tracker Poster

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Download your free Healthy Habits Tracker PDF poster and create new habits for life.

The Healthy Habits Tracker invites you to 30 days of lifestyle optimisation so you can create habits that will set you up for life.

Each day you will complete the following:

What you can eat: fatty meat, eggs, salt and water. Any fatty meat you enjoy is fine. seafood is great too. it's best to eat meat from animals who have been fed their natural diet so grass fed & finished beef and lamb is best or pasture-raised pork and chicken. wild game is perfect. as is wild-caught seafood. But, if you can't source this just eat any fatty meat you can find and can afford. 
What not to eat: anything derived from a plant including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, honey, coffee, tea and sweeteners.

Drink 3-4L of water per day. Spring or filtered water is best but tap water is fine if it's all you have access to.

Walk 10,000 steps per day and/or do resistance training. Ideally you would do both but just doing one earns you a tick.

Optimise your circadian rhythm by seeing the sun rise each morning.

Do at least one activity to de-stress each day. This could be meditation, reading, sitting in silence, swimming in the ocean or grounding with your bare feet on the earth.

Get your Healthy Habits Tracker now, print it off and start forming new habits for life!

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